Web site up and running at last!!!

At long last, my website is LIVE!    The “shop” is not open yet……I’m sorry to say my technical abilities are pathetic!   However, with the help of the wonderful web designer Ross Mackie @ Boomdesign, Edinburgh, i’ll have the shop open soon.   Meantime, if theres anything of interest, drop me an email, or call!

Further details will follow, but I’m having my first ever exhibition in June this year, at the Riverside, Dunblane.   Details and dates to follow.

I’ve also been asked to submit a couple of paintings for the “Review” show again this year.   This time, its at the Tall Ship, Glasgow Harbour, and open from 22nd – 24th April.

Ill also be adding a few new works and prints….and removing a few that are now sold.   Must ask Ross how to stick on a “sold” sticker….actually, I’ll need quite a few!

If youve a minute, please drop me an email or a comment on your thoughts on this web site?