Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy looking at the artworks I have created.

I’m a self taught artist.  Born in Glasgow, my childhood and a fair bit of my youth was spent in Kelvingrove…the strange wee girl in pigtails staring at paintings for hours. Although I’ve always drawn and painted, I only found the time to begin painting seriously about five years ago, when family circumstances forced me to give up a successful career as an interior designer. Until enjoying an amazing two weeks concentrating on oils at Glasgow School of Art this summer, up until now, I’ve been working in acrylics.

Last year, I entered the BBC One Show Artist of the Year competition, the first competition I’d entered, and was stunned to work my way through the many stages to the final six.  Although not the overall winner, my little painting – A Moment Bright – was hung in the Royal Academy in London during summer 2014.

I paint everything from still life, to portraits, but as I am constantly in awe of the scenery that surrounds us here in Perthshire, the grandeur of the highlands and the rugged beauty of the West Coast, I feel compelled to do quite a few landscapes.   The ever changing skies and magical qualities of light just thrill me, never cease to amaze me, and I hope, by reproducing these beautiful places, I can share some of the magic with others. Most of my works are from memory, so please forgive geographical inaccuracy!

I continue to be fascinated by how each viewer will have a different interpretation and see different things in my paintings. And Im glad that people can take whatever they wish from my work without having to read a full page of ridiculously complicated and long winded explanation of what I was “saying”!!! I’m not trying to change the world, make anyone face their horrors, or share my darkest thoughts, (of which, I can assure you…I have plenty!)  I’d rather share beautiful things……although recently, I’ve been producing a lot of work showing bursts of bright light working through leaden thundery skies……….so perhaps I am subconsciously saying that there’s always hope even on the darkest days?   Or maybe it’s just because we get a lot of rotten weather here in Scotland.

I have completed many commissions for individuals, including portraits. The “briefs” I have been given for a painting vary enormously, from someone just liking a colour, or a place, to a favourite photograph with special memories, to some very, very detailed descriptions! Even with the most peculiar brief, I am glad to say that the work I have produced has been received with overwhelming delight! I’m always happy to just have an initial chat, either on the phone or in person, so if you have something or someone special that you’d like to have a painting of created for posterity, send me a message, or call me.

My studio is a working space, so can be a tad messy,  but guests are most welcome to look at what I am currently working on, or to view some finished pieces up close. But please phone first to make sure I’ll be around.

All the work on the site has a description, sizes, details of medium and is marked as either an original or print, but if you are interested in a piece, and have any unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to message me on the contact link.

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